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Llamas: The Newest Fashion Trend In Children's Clothes

Teddy bears, unicorns, cute cats and dogs, and even pigs and cows all are part of the child clothing universe.

If you haven’t noticed, the llama has become the next animal in line, and has become a part of popular culture along the way.

You’d need to go back to 2016 to trace the llama trend. When author Anna Dewdney, who wrote Llama Llama Red Pajama, passed away, the animal began making appearances all over.

Netflix’s Llama Llama is an adaptation of Dewdney’s book, and it seems that the trend caught on fire from there. Soon you’re finding these furry beasts in online memes, in other television shows and movies, and even in the popularity of songs dedicated to them. 

Pigs became forever a part of children’s media because of Charlotte’s Web. As with most animals in popular culture, the llama was incorporated into children’s clothing mainly because of stories like Llama Llama Red Pajama.

Telling Stories Builds Understanding

As animals are written and recreated in mediums children can relate to, it allows them to use another image as a way to tell stories and identify with the world.

And why not? Llamas are friendly, cuddly, and a bit goofy looking. They’re funny, and have made perfect characters in stories like Dewdney’s. 

Clothing has taken note top to bottom from children’s clothing to a whole genre on Etsy for adults. Whether it’s Halloween costumes, or to give children’s photos a bit more squeal-worthy cuteness, llamas have taken the stand as one of the newest and most popular images on clothing today.

llama sweater baby It starts in the beginning when children want to look like their favorite animals. In this combination, the abstract llama-printed skirt playfully integrates well with a llama-inspired faux fur sweater. 

And let’s not kid ourselves - the ears alone will make your child an Instagram sensation among your friends, mommy friends and otherwise.

In an outfit like this, your child will probably start walking on all fours and “chewing grass,” just like llamas! If that isn’t a golden opportunity for a family video, I don’t know what is.

Simple Images, Happy Children

Emblemizing animal prints is a great way to add subtle accents to clothing.

llama baby coat

This warm wooly coat is a more reserved look than above, but still offers a hint of fun that will have your little man asking for “the llama coat”.

llama patch

Like a merit badge for some alpine boy scout, the llama accent lends itself to imagined adventures in far-off places, all accessible from your backyard.

Llamas make great friends, too!

What’s perhaps the best part of the llama is how friendly it is.

There’s a reason llamas have always been at petting zoos - children can feed these wooly beasts from their little hands without any worries! They are docile creatures, and they get along with other animals well - just watch out for their spit!

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llama sweater

In the company of polar and panda bears, moose, and amphibians of all shapes, the llama fits right in.

llama sweater on baby boy

Yet the llama can stand alone, with just its shades and boogy board, amid a stark background for an altogether “cooler” look.

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