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Wholesale Inquiry

Wholesale Inquiry

You are an experienced distributor and you wish to develop a network of stores. Catimini offers you a store concept, innovative merchandising, training, communication materials, and its retail experience.

For all its stores, Catimini has imagined a singular poetic universe that combines modernity & history. Top of the range stores, a space outside of time a playing field… to live your life ! Catimini is looking for men and women from retail, who are sensitive to the product, to the brand and to customer relations.

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Multi-Brand Stores

You are a multi-brand retailer and you would like to complement your product range by adding our brands to your portfolio? Contact us

Catimini, 3 pommes, Jean Bourget, Kenzo Kids, Paul Smith Junior, Absorba, Lili Gaufrette... Offering a wide range of complementary fashion brands, Kidiliz Group occupies an unique position in the children’s fashion market as it is present in all segments: from babywear to teenage fashion!

Kidiliz Brands: Z, Catimini, Absorba, Jean Bourget, 3 Pommes, B-karo, Chipie, Levi's Kids, Lili Gaufrette, Kenzo Kids, Paul Smith Junior, Esprit, Dim, Kidiliz, My First Dressing

Email us or call us 800.270.1685