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Cute Ideas for Matching Outfits for Newborns, Infants, Toddlers, and Siblings

Joined at the Hip

Is there anything cuter than two matching little tikes? If you look through anybody’s family photos, there’s most likely one picture of two adorable babies posing as mirror images of each other that’ll make our hearts swell.

Why are matching outfits such a striking visual element? From an artistic standpoint, we very rarely see two people dressed exactly the same, so two matching outfits immediately are a mark of distinction - in color and pattern - from their surroundings.

Matching also establishes a relationship between two people. Two brothers, two sisters, a brother and sister, or an entire family can wear matching outfits that tells our eyes immediately, “These people are part of a unit.”

It’s all about the photo op

So what’s one of the best ways to create a memorable family photo? Matching outfits of course!

One of the biggest trends in family photos is the full-family match. In other circumstances such as brothers and sisters - or just two little buddies - matching establishes a visual connection that can make them seemed almost joined at the hip in the most adorable way.

Talk of the Town

Two matching toddlers, infants, or newborns create an immediate cuteness overload most people can’t resist.

Matching outfits certainly will catch the eyes of passersby. Perhaps even more fun is bringing the whole bundle of adorable to family functions to bring your loved ones closer together.

The perfect holiday and seasonal decoration

Matching outfits are perfect for setting a scene, no matter what time of year.

Two red and black plaid outfits with a Christmas tree in the background make for an iconic holiday photo. Bright yellow matching jumpsuits are great for a sandy beach adventure.

A note on gendering

We can all remember not too long ago that specific color groupings signified a child’s gender. For instance, pink tones would tell us two children are girls, while blue tones signified boyhood.

Today, the lines between genders are thinner than ever, and are becoming non-existent. While still completely acceptable, some parents vie to move away from what are known as “gender-normative” color schemes for mixing and matching as they see fit.

Many parents find that breaking down these gender boundaries can lead to a lot more creativity in overall presentation of your little ones, alongside the equally valid use of gender-normative combinations. Regardless of your persuasion, matching outfits will always be a cuteness overload most parents can’t resist.

Matching Newborn, Infant, and Toddler Outfits

Matching outfits for newborns, infants, and toddlers first and foremost is about comfort. The cuteness of matching outfits means nothing if baby is squirming to get out of them, right?

With that said, there are definitely different considerations to make between newborns, infants, and toddlers.

Newborns and infants

One of the most basic facts of life is that newborn babies are prone to spitting up. Additionally, newborn poops are very often liquidy and can sometimes hike up beyond the diaper. That means when considering matching outfits for newborns, get ready for have to clean them often.

Though infants are still notoriously messy little buggers, they usually do not spit up as often, and their poops are more solid - thankfully so!

Regardless, we at Catimini have tons of options for matching newborn outfits. One of our favorites is for the inner rock-n-roller in baby, the striped rocker onesie.

Comfortable, breathable, and great for spring and fall, this 100% cotton onesie is cozy and fun for both sexes - who says girls can’t be rock stars?

This piece gives the appearance of two garments - adorable penguin-printed overalls and a dark blue undershirt - that is 100% cotton and completely machine washable.

If you’ve got two brothers to match, we suggest connecting the two with a common visual theme.

Check out or printed denim shirt and printed polo shirt!

Both lobster-print garments have the same color scheme, though inverted. They also establish who’s big brother, and who’s little brother.


Toddler clothing is often designed knowing they will be out in the world more often, and moving around more quickly in it.

For girls, dresses, pants, and other more defined types of garments are the stuff toddler clothes are made of. If you have two girls to match, we suggest pairing the Head in the Clouds jersey bubble dress with its bottoms counterpart, the plain peony pink leggings.


How about some more gender-neutral options?

Dark colors for girls, light colors for boys, and the other way around are all acceptable for dressing newborns, infants, and toddlers.

Any neutral-themed combinations - different than, say, dresses or overly-masculine themes - can make for the perfect gender-neutral match.

If you’re thinking with this more progressive state of mind, consider this two-piece pants set.

For older children, even an identical-match shirt can be enough to bring a brother and sister together. Add a little European flair with our long sleev check shirt!

For those “cheek to cheek” moments

Matching outfits are a creative way to make your children the center of attention. To review, there are a couple ways you can achieve this.

Matching color schemes: Choosing a matching color scheme gives parents more latitude in mixing and matching garments from different series. As seen with our third example, you can notice a subtle element of distinction between older and younger siblings.

Matching color and print: Going full throttle in the matching department means making a bolder statement. Especially if you’re hoping to draw a crowd, identical match schemes are easily comprehensible to passersby, family, and friends alike.

Also, as gender-neutral approaches are becoming more popular, you benefit from the added creativity in tone, composition, and theme.

At Catimini, we pride ourselves in creating children’s clothing for all stages of their journey - from the first few weeks to middle school - with their comfort and an inspired sense of style in mind.

Take a look at some of our sale selections to plan for the future - or browse our most current designs to dress your child in refreshing style. Whichever path you choose, know that your baby will be happy, comfortable, and ready to play!

For questions on sizing, see our size guide. We also have a product care guide to keep your Catimini outfits fresh and clean for hand-me-downs!

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