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The Catimini Spirit

The Catimini Spirit

1. The unusual

Catimini Spirit The Unusual
Continuous creativity allows Catimini to offer a very unique children’s fashion style. The brand uses poetry to express itself in unusual and unexpected ways. It amuses us with its mixture of colors and creative “accidents” and lets us dream.

2. The escape

Catimini Spirit The Escape
Catimini loves traveling from one universe to another, bringing the dreams of children to life with extraordinary journeys. This mixture of inspiration and openness to the world is reflected in its diverse fashion range designed with the curious child in mind.

3. Bountiful

Catimini Spirit Bountiful
In a quirky and playful style, Catimini expresses itself with its popular and diverse creations. Its rich imagination creates a sparkle in the eyes of children and parents alike on this journey through time.

4. Know-how

Catimini Spirit Know-How
Since 1972, designers and the first workshops have been making these beloved clothes with love. Each season, more than 700 designs are created by their nimble fingers. Beautiful materials, neat finishes, attention to detail... know-how recognized throughout the world.