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French Fashion for Kids: What to Wear to Paris This Summer

“Bon voyage!” as the French say. 

Ah, Paris. The fashion capital of the world, and the embodiment of a culture thousands of years in the making, a trip to Paris is a journey every child should have the opportunity to make. 

As a European-style children’s clothing store, we at Catimini design our clothing with that “across-the-pond” ethos in mind. 

You may be here to shop for such a trip. If so, take a look at our selections for boys and girls. 

Since it’s Paris, it’s not just another trip where you can throw just anything on your children. It’s a special event, and one where the style should match the occasion! That’s why we’re glad you’re here. 

If you’re shopping for kids with a particularly Parisian style in mind, read on! 

European vs. American Fashion 

European and American fashion are different animals.

On the one hand, American clothing is often a wider, larger cut than European fashion - that’s where the idea of “slim, hip, European looks” comes from. 

When it comes to children’s clothing, the same applies. But, that’s not the only difference - as you can see with our clothing lines, the prints are often more interesting and eye-catching than other clothing brands, and they embody a certain European style of sophistication.

That doesn’t mean a child dressed for a Paris trip isn’t just as cute as any regular American child. We try to bridge the gap between that European sophistication and a tradition of picture-worthy cuteness that’ll make you remember how you dressed your child for years to come.   

French Fashion

The word “sophistication” is all over this post, and for good reason.

French fashion is defined by this word, and by all of its derivations. Paris fashion is refined, stylish, and timeless. This fashion tradition is endlessly classic, while making novel use of improvisation to give each and every person an individual sense of style.

With children’s clothing, the same applies. You’ll find that clothing trends for kids when traveling to Paris always have some small, subtle characteristic that helps express individuality while bringing all the best elements of classic traditions to the fore. 

How to Dress in Paris

Take this incredible example of French-forward fashion: the striped 2-in-1 shirt and skirt.

Striped 2 in 1 short sleeves dress and skirt

This combination features the unmistakably French red and white stripes, reminiscent of the mimes of a Parisian time passed. But, it’s the subtle details that make this piece almost iconic. 

The grey waistband between the shirt and skirt offers a slimming transition between the top and bottom, and the cyclist embroidery brings to life that subtle hint of eclecticism. This helps your child’s style stand out while still being - by all accounts - characteristically “French”. 

Can you just imagine what this would look like matched with a black or blue beret?

 Two material striped knit and yellow poplin dress

This yellow and black knit poplin dress achieves the same features in a different configuration. The bright yellow skirt reverses the attention, while a black waistband creates a more indiscreet, overt separation from top and bottom. 

An additional subtle element is the left pocket - a simple yellow bow and silver-embroidered hearts make the outfit finely child-like. It’s a child’s outfit that is still in a way sophisticated. 

We would suggest pairing this with a child-sized gondolier's hat - anything with a brim and made of straw would work for this piece. 

But what about boys? There’s plenty for them too!

White poplin shirt

These white poplin shirts are simple, straightforward, and make your once childish-looking boy look like a little man! Toss in a dark bowtie and you have yourself a veritable French gentleman on your hands!

For the little French gentleman, we also have stripes!

Reversible blue striped T-shirt with motif

The classic colored and white stripes scream “French mime,” and the print gives the piece a subtle nod to your trip to Paris. 

If you’re looking for great shorts to pair with this piece, you can’t go wrong with definitively European dyed denim!

Comfortable, gently colored, and breathable for those relatively mild Parisian summers, the Catimini Bermuda shorts are a must-have for any walking tour of Paris!

Weather in Paris

If you’re worried about the weather in Paris, don’t be!

The summers are generally mild in Paris. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rule out definitively summery styles, including dresses!

Black pique tennis shirt dress

This adorable black pique tennis dress is sleeveless, allowing your little girl to remain cool while strolling through any of Paris’ iconic cobbled streets. It’s mid-leg cut offers a classic look alongside the subtle shoulder print. 

We at Catimini see this being paired perfectly with a wide-brimmed hat, such as our two-tone straw hat.

Two-tone straw hat

It matches with the colors of the dress, yet still possesses an underplayed detail in the cursive writing on the brim. 

Another attractive spin on the stripes theme is the sailor-striped jersey dress.

Sailor stripe jersey dress

White, red, and bold makes for a great Parisian summer style statement. The bow in the center follows along the theme of subtlety perfectly - definitive but understated.

For Those Rainy Parisian Summer Days

Sometimes it rains in Paris, but that shouldn’t stop your child from exploring the city in European style!

This lightly-coated parka is perfect for warm summer rains:

coated parka

Lightweight for the summer, and coated for water resistance makes this piece functional for all summer inclement weather. The trim gives the garment a classic feel, and the dream-like butterfly patch is a simple accent that offers an endearingly multi-dimensional element to the whole outfit. 

But don’t worry - we have the boys covered too!

Rubberized parka with coated red hood

Loaded with pockets, coated for water resistance, and with an attractive inner print, this rubberized parka is about as bold of a statement as you could possibly need for any European outfit for your little man. 

For slightly colder nights, there’s nothing that says “France” more than a light track jacket! 

Lightweight, entirely movable and breathable, and built with the classic track jacket look will have passersby wondering what children’s soccer league he plays for!

Are You Ready for Your Trip?

As you can see, Catimini’s definitively European designs are the perfect match for any trip to Paris. Before you go, make sure to take a look at our entire collection for girls and boys - dressing your child with Catimini is just one step closer to making your children look like natives. 

The only thing you’ve got to worry about is teaching them how to properly say “Bonjour!”

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